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Would you like to reach your 80th birthday in the best shape of your life – happy, healthy and alive? What kind of life do you want? If you change your old patterns of living and behaviours, you’ll have a better life! Our life coaching services in Toronto and around the world can help.

Don’t involve yourself with individuals who are negative. Be wary of people who are pessimists and don’t provide you any benefit. Stay away from sad, shy individuals who are hypochondriacs, liars, manipulators or otherwise selfish people. Don’t mix with failures and losers who are overly critical. Keep away from those who are not creative, bright-minded or thoughtful – people who have low self-esteem or are insincere and hypocritical. Don’t associate with unkempt, careless or lazy people. Problems? You already have lots of them! Instead, it is better to find solutions. Don’t behave like these people unless you want to become like them. Instead, be happy and enjoy your life! Be proactive!

Dressing fashionably will improve your image. Don’t waste money on the wrong apparel. Wear your garments with elegance and good taste. Combine colours and designs in an appropriate way without spending a lot of money.

Many people waste their time waiting for something that may never come. Instead, enjoy what your already have. God and the universe have given us what we really need. Don’t ask for more than what you can handle. Don’t buy love – be deserving of it!

Don’t be afraid to show your achievements in life to others. Walk proudly like a winner. Always laugh, smile and enjoy life with a good sense of humour. Share your ideas to enrich the lives of others. Don’t trade love for rewards. Accept yourself and be proud of what you have accomplished in life. Just be yourself to enjoy your life! The past is passed.

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