Learn How to Start Your Own Business with Our Toronto-Based Worshop

Casal International Services (Casinser) offers the workshop “Starting a Business as a Retired or Unemployed Person” to help you start your own business in Toronto or anywhere else in the world. This course is dedicated to anyone who wants to gain an income in their free time. If you are interested in starting your own business and believe that you can do it from home, you should determine two very important aspects: what type of permit you need and if the environment of your home meets the needs of your business. Establishing these two aspects will give your customers the best first impression. Remember that your company exists because of your customers’ demands. Success depends on you.

Before enrolling in this workshop, you should consider:

  • The space you intend to use
  • The type of business you want to start (sales or services)
  • Materials and equipment necessary for its operation
  • Suppliers, advisers, collaborators and operators
  • Financing and return of money invested
  • Logistics and administration
  • Marketing (advertising, promotions, and sales)
  • Presentation, packaging, and distribution
  • Necessary and reserve personnel
  • Enthusiasm, constancy, and motivation to achieve

Please note: Not all businesses or companies are viable.

There are many offers made by individuals and companies. Many of them can be fraught with fantastical and tempting proposals to deceive you and strip you of your money and/or information. If you are in this situation and you are not sure if the offer is legitimate or a pyramid scheme, you should directly contact the organizations or institutions that can guide you.

You can contact the good business office, talk to the fraud office at the post office, call the fraud prevention office, or contact the state attorney general's office where the company you are dealing with is located. You can also contact commerce industries, fedecamaras, the commercial registry office, and more.

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